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Lightbulb Moment: Good Morning Texas...again!

In the fall of 2014 I had the ultimate pleasure and opportunity of being a guest on Good Morning Texas here in Dallas, TX! My task….show viewers how to make a cheesecake in 3:30 minutes. “Sure, no biggie!!”, I said. Ok…..that’s a BIG task! Not one to back down from a challenge, I absolutely knew I had it. I also knew full well that my perfectly rehearsed script could be blown out the window at any moment- you never know, it’s live tv; but, I was prepared! I wasn’t nervous at all, just preparedness and pure excitement; ready to show DFW how to bake a cheesecake! I had a beautiful array of cheesecakes and all the prop ingredients. I didn't forget a thing and the layout was spot on….and my ponytail was awesome (no one wants a bad hair day on tv)! Overall, for my first time on live television, I did great! I can at least give myself that. However, I am my worst critic and I am quite able to notice my “teachable moments” in real time. As the anchor wrapped up the segment, I was smiling, but on the inside it was AAALLLLL cringe, I immediately kicked myself. For starters, from a marketing standpoint, I'd give myself an F+! Not once did I mention my signature dessert, The Red Velvet Cheesecake….the thing that got me there in the first place. The thing that I had been and still am obsessed about. How could I have not mentioned it...not even once!?!? I “planned’ on getting to that once I finished explaining how to make a cheesecake and once we worked our way down the table- all in 3:30 minutes might I remind you! Wanting to “appear” that I had control of the segment, I wasn’t quite catching the news anchor’s queue to keep it moving down that table. (side-eye to myself) I was hell bent on giving all of my great cheesecake baking tips. I did not want to let it go. I was tasked with showing people how to make a cheesecake and took that responsibility to heart. I gathered myself later that day over an awesome breakfast at Buzz Brews (shout out to those potatoes) and had to suck it up- lesson learned. After all, it was my first time. I immediately concluded that I will always lead with “Home of the Red Velvet Cheesecake” as soon as I say my business name- there, it’s done! Two, I concluded I could always make my own video and share my tips in their entirety. I've yet to make that video...but, it's much closer to the top of my list of things to do.

The desire to help others in the kitchen has continued to grow since that segment. I’ve always loved helping people “Get it”. Whether it was tutoring statistics in college or educating my Salon clients on hair care. That light bulb moment is awesome and if I can help you turn that switch on, I’m one happy camper. After hosting my inaugural 5 Course Cheesecake Tasting this past weekend, I intensely thought about the great feedback my thought provoking guests provided; convinced that I had all the right puzzle pieces- I just had to put them together. The next day it clicked....I need to turn that Cheesecake Tasting into a class!!! One of my guests even reminded me of the GMT segment in the feedback. With that....Crush Sweets' Cheesecake Baking class is born!

The creation of my Cheesecake Baking Class brings my Good Morning Texas experience full circle and allows me the time (more than 3:30 minutes) and space, to do justice to explaining the simplicity of how to make a cheesecake. Not only can I make a video, I can take the time to teach those interested, in real time, in person- creating more light bulb moments. I can get another chance, over and over again to properly finish what I started that day. Having wanted and still wanting to do so wholeheartedly and with flying colors. Those that know me, know that I love a laid back, no stress atmosphere; preferably with good music, good food, giggles and a spot of spirits if the occasion calls! Mixing all that jazz with a baking class sounds like a down right good time to me and I am thoroughly looking forward to bringing this vibe into baking. I am more than convinced that this is a big part of me figuring my personal "it" out and I can't wait to bring my vision to full fruition. Leave your representative at the door, let your hair down and come hang out with me in the kitchen!


– Samara (aka Sam, Sammy Sam, Sammy, Baby Cakes, etc....I've got alot of nicknames!)


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