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Samara Garth

Owner & lead cookie designer Samara Garth has had a winding path to her the current role of Cookie Queen! After obtaining her degree in Supply Chain management from Michigan State University in the Spring of 2000, she moved to Dallas, TX to work full time for Texas Instruments.  After a couple years in corporate America, she had a light-bulb moment and realized her creative side was one of her greatest strengths.  She embraced her natural creative talent and decided to use it to make a living for herself.  She left the corporate world to pursue a lifelong goal of being a professional Hairstylist and immediately went on to complete cosmetology training at Toni & Guy Academy. 

Loving her new career and clients, she wanted to give them Christmas gifts; but, couldn’t quite afford to do anything big, as she was just building her clientele.  She decided to use a recipe she’d came up with for the perfect oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.  Her clients were thrilled and to this day still ask for their Christmas cookies!  After years of sharing her baked goods and hearing, “You should sell this!”, that’s exactly what she decided to do.  At first it was just something to do during Thanksgiving & Christmas.  Eventually she opened herself up for sales outside of the holidays to see if there was a demand.  Through many orders, open houses and soirees in a 7 year span, she made the leap from one entrepreneurial endeavor to another. Shortly before leaving the salon, one of her clients challenged her to craft a set of UNO Cards as decorated sugar cookies and little did she know…..the Cookie Queen was born! 

January 2017 marked the end of her of 17 year full time career as a Hairstylist and the beginning of Crush Sweets.  Through months of researching, networking and development, her baking business to the point where she was up and running full time by the fall of 2017.  Crush Sweets’ official first full year was 2018 business kept getting better and better!  At first, her menu had a variety of products.  However, through demand and feedback, it became quite obvious that custom decorated sugar cookies where her specialty.  Even trusted business owners told her the same thing on countless occasions.  So, eventually she took the overt hint that Crush Sweets is simply a couture custom cookie business!

What draws clients to her cookies is the customization of designs, the attention to detail and the fact that the cookies taste as good as they look!  What drives Samara the most is seeing the reaction of those that receive her treats. The ability to brighten someone’s day through cookies is an ability that she does not take for granted and drives her every day!  ….and that is why Crush Sweets is love at first bite…or maybe even site!

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