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Record Player


"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul."  - Plato

Music and cookies......?

Crush Sweets' CEO, Samara Garth, is a huge music lover and from time to time can be found behind the DJ table. Many times, it is music that inspires her cookie creations and it is surely music that keeps her going during her long days and nights. Music is therapeutic and helps calm and soothe. A couple of things that come in handy when you're in creation mode. Wanting to share this element of creation and her love of music, she added a record player to the studio for others to share their love and joy as well.

Along with the nostalgia of vinyl, Crush Radio has been created for all to enjoy! Our PYO guests create a custom class playlist in real time, that will be added to Crush Radio's public playlists. DJ Sammy Sam (Owner Samara Garth) has created several playlists depending on your mood- check the title description for more details. These playlists are often enjoyed during the creation of Crush Sweets couture cookies, with one-liners often times becoming inspiration for the day. Many impromptu dance session breaks have been known to occur from time to time. The goal is to simply share the things that make her smile, motivates and uplifts.

Hope you enjoy!


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